Today is the 8th day of a new year.

Today is a starting point for me. I am currently in Cleveland, OH, a home that I never thought I would return to. Yet, here I sit where my father used to work some two decades ago, surrounded by people and spaces that inspire me to leave not stay in my place. I am grateful for that, that on either end of the spectrum my current existence is pushing me to move forward and progress myself past where I have felt stuck. 

That is where this site comes from. It is not about a New Years Resolution. It is not about promises to myself. It is about presence and actualizing the reality on a second to  second basis, that fosters my happiness. Helps others. Serves and Inspire. The goal of this site  and my work, singular or collaborative is three-fold. 

1. Be a forum for my passion of capturing light and all it touches, helping to expand  peoples world view.

2. Use this forum to create projects and initiatives that use visual art to help change perspectives, increase empathy and develop solutions to problems. 

3. Have fun! 

I will be working to update this 2 times a month with work and projects I am developing. I also hope to add pictures of my life and of my work as they progress in between each of the text posts. 


Here it goes. : )