Jan 18, 2016- Cold and Service

Today is a great day to get work done. Not just work for yourself, to catch up on the little things of life...the neverending list. There is no work with this, but on a day like today, the wind chill under -10 and the winds far above that, you can do good work. You can donate your time, your energy to serving others. Its easy in this weather isoalte, and become introverted.  This can feel satisfying, but not nearly as much as providing someone inneed something they need. We have plenty of opportunity to find isolation around the year, and yet there are so many who isolated all year and want the other end of this spectrum. 

With this in mind, I am committing a few hours today to flesh out and secure some funding opportunities for a service based photography project that surrounds empathy and its development in the City of Cleveland. I believe that the visual mediums are the easiest facility to reach in this day and age. Providing a viewer, a participant in a visual discourse on disparity may in some instances, more than occur today, maybe a verbal dialogue can be broadened in its appeal and its audience. 

I am looking to a build a coalition between artists, within their communities to members of a drastically different one. It might help to think of the video game portal...as the use of the technology and the interaction built within to the system I am designing will engage the eye. I hope to place physical objects that bring the imagery and the reality of other communities into the worlds of communities separated physically, by income, transportation opportunity, mental constructs and  other barriers. I believe the Keates spoke of the negative capacity, wherein the great thinker didn't revel or despair their presence in the unknown, but were present and educated through that presence.

 What will you do today? This year? This month? This moment, to push forward and agenda of service, of good, of help, of humility and of love?