Adam Dunn

Adam started his journey into photography watching his father stop on the side of the road on road trips to take pictures. He learned the craft even more in summer camp and eventually in High School. He really invested into capturing light as a teacher in Houston, TX where he used his photography and that of the worlds finest to provide students from backgrounds that couldn't afford travel and their own experience, the ability see the world. 

This goal of current projects including billboard installation pieces and education curriculum is to focus on expanded our shared world views and the people that live in it. He works to capture images that inspire him and hopefully others, while using these images to create community and action. 



Eric Dunn

Eric Started taking pictures 20 years ago through summer camp, and his fathers passion for the craft. He developed his own lens as an often traveling manager of a jazz band and seeing the country via a van. Often spending his free time in the backwoods with his fianc√©, he has developed a clear vision of the natural world that he shares to others to enjoy. After relocating to the west coast, he has explored his vision in the winter mountains of the Sierras while skiing and many national parks and lands in the warmer months. 

His vision is of sharing the natural beauty of our earth to help connect and ground others in appreciation and gratitude for the world and its grandeur. He currently shoots a Sony A7II and is growing his low light and nighttime photography passions, so keep an eye out for the magic he finds while you're asleep!